Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie, the adorable face of Charlie’s Organics™. Ten years ago Charlie boy came into my life and changed it for the better. He brings me so much laughter with his personality and joy with his unconditional love. Long story short, he came in with his litter after 2 ladies found them abandoned by a tree on a public sidewalk. I knew when his big brown eyes looked at me, he was meant to come home with me and be a part of my family. From that day on, he is now spoiled, thriving and living his best life as he should!

Charlie and I are quite a duo, as a pup I took him running with me, he would sleep on my lap all the time, he loved going on car rides with me and enjoyed being active. Now as a senior pup he is all about the naps, sun bathing, on the dot 12pm treats, going baja riding on my parents property, having a new toy every week and having his family around him 24/7. His favorite toy is his baby giraffe that he got as his first toy when I took him home with me. Charlie also has many nicknames such as “Sir Charles”, “Monkey”, “Bubba”, “Prechy”, “Charlie Brown” and the list goes on, but the funny thing is he actually answers to all of them!

When I created my skincare brand, I wanted it to have purpose behind it and really be something that was apart of who I am and not just another brand created and thrown out there for people to buy. In a moment when I looked at Charlie, I knew right away that I wanted something to honor my baby that would last a lifetime because Charlie will always be part of me. Now meet the brand Charlie’s Organics where all the products are organic, vegan, natural and cruelty-free and where we give back to animal rescues because every beautiful dog deserves a forever home just like Charlie. Our mission is to give back with clean beauty to you because you deserve to know what goes onto your skin and to give back to the animals because they deserve all the love in the world!