Meet Johanna Snyder

Hi! My name is Johanna Snyder and I am the face behind By JS The Brand ™ and founder of Charlie’s Organics ™ . My passion for wellness, clean skincare and living simply goes so back into my early 20’s when I first got my pup Charlie and I was beginning to explore what path I was meant to be on. As I began to play with skincare, learn more on my spiritual path and dig deep into who I am as a person, my whole lifestyle did a 360 change and I knew with everything that I had, that I was meant to create this beautiful platform to share with others as well.
 I feel when you set up a healthy routine, you change how you eat, you know what you are putting on your body, you make a morning routine, you drink more water, you express your gratitude more, you pray, and you give yourself more self-love, then you are on a journey to living such a soulful life, a beautiful life for your mind, body and spirit.
Johanna Snyder, Founder